This blog is a ministry of writing. Its purpose is to encourage readers to seek and to follow the will of God in their everyday lives. It is based on the assumption that the knowledge of the will of God is accessible, is consistent with reason and grace, and is revealed in the scripture.

The blog will present writings weekly or twice-weekly on various themes related to theology and Christian living. The site will also make available audio messages presented from the pulpit of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma City by Pastor Randy Faulkner and other speakers between 1990 and 2018.

In addition Pastor Randy will occasionally direct readers to other uplifting articles and sites for spiritual edification and encouragement.

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  1. So happy to know about your new blog, Pastor Randy. Your ministry has been a blessing to me over many years as you have supported the work of missions we have been involved in, and we are grateful. I am eighty-four now, but thank the Lord, He has gov en us good health and the ability to be active in serving Him. We pray God’s blessing and success on your new endeavor.

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